Lighthouse Darkroom

Digital and Darkroom
Photographic Printing


Archival Inkjet / Giclée Prints

8x10 / A4 £26.50
9.5x12 £35.00
12x16 / A3 £42.00
16x20 / A2 £55.00
20x24 £70.00
20x30 / A1 £95.00
30x40 / A0 £140.00
40x60 / B0 £195.00

Some specialist papers may incur a 15% surcharge.
Limited edition prints by quotation.

Imacon Flextight Scans

Up to 80 MBs £24.00
Up to 150 MBs £30.00
Up to 200 MBs £36.00

Scan prices includes reasonable dust spotting.
Excessive retouching by quotation. Batch and quantity scans by quotation.


Black & White Hand Prints (Fibre Based)

8x10 £26.50
9.5x12 £35.00
12x16 £47.00
16x20 £58.00
20x24 £88.00

Lith prints at 75% extra. Please call for paper choice.
Toning: Thiocarbamide, gold, blue etc. at 100% extra.

Some specialist papers may incur a 10% surcharge.
Additional prints from the same negative charged at 15% less.
Selenium toning for archival protection charged at 25% extra.
Limited edition prints by quotation.

Traditional B&W prints can be made from digital files. Please call for details.

Black & White Film Processing.

Process and contact: 120/35mm £16.00
Process and contact: 5x4 £9.00
Process and contact: 10x8 £16.00
Process only: 120/35mm £11.50
Process only: 5x4 £8.00
Process only: 10x8 £11.50
Clip test £9.00
Contact only £10.00

All prices subject to VAT at the current rate.